You made it through the first week of the Fall 2017 semester! Congratulations!

How do you like your classes so far? Do you still feel confident in your major choice? What are your thoughts about your life after graduation?

Have you been asking yourself questions like these?

These can be scary thoughts to face alone! And it doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been at USF, these types of questions can bubble up at any time. When they do come up, it’s good to know where you can get answers so that you feel confident, are not stressed, and are able to take classes you enjoy and plan to explore a career pathway that you are excited about.

Luckily, at Career Services, we have staff members who are trained to assist you with all of these questions, and the questions that you didn’t even know you had yet! Keep reading below to find out more about what our office does and how we can help you face any question you might have about your major or career while at USF.


Guest Relations Assistants

The Guest Relations Team staffs our front desk area. When you have questions about what our office does, or you need help figuring out what your next step should be, the Guest Relations Assistants will be able to help you navigate our office quickly and easily so that you can get answers to your time-sensitive questions without skipping a beat!


Career Peer Advisors

We encourage those who are new to our office to start with our walk-in service, Career Express, staffed by our team of Career Peer Advisors. Our Peers are undergraduate students who have been trained to assist other students with their quick career-related questions, like where to find on-campus job postings, and with career documents, like resumes and cover letters.

Already have a resume or cover letter? Bring a printed copy with you for a review. If you’re not sure how to start writing either of those things, check out the resources on our website, or come by and ask for help creating one. If you do this, it’s best to come with some knowledge of your past experience, be that work experience, involvement in student organizations, volunteering, or something else!


Career Consultants

Your Career Consultant is an advisor who is dedicated to assisting you with your career goals. This can include deciding what kind of career you want to pursue, discovering job opportunities within that career field, understanding and refining required application materials, and preparing for job interviews. Our Consultants meet with students from specific major groups or industries. To find out who your Career Consultant is, contact our office or visit us during one of our events.

We recommend meeting with a Career Peer Adivsor during Career Express before seeing your Career Consultant so that the time you spend with the Consultant can be more focused. If you have questions about this, please contact our office.

We also have a Career Counselor in our office who works with students that are trying to change majors. If you don’t feel confident in your choice of major, we will work with you to explore your interests, personality, skills, and values through an assessment called MyPlan to help you decide on both a career and a major that better aligns with you.


Other Services

Our office also offers many other services to help you answer your career-related questions. We have career courses, a wide variety of internship opportunities, a Cooperative Education program, Career & Internship Fairs and other employer events, and so much more.

To explore all that we have available, check out our website.

You’ll also want to make sure that you activate your Handshake profile to keep up with our on-campus events. When you activate it, check the box to make your profile visible to employers. They may want to reach out to you about opportunities you may not have considered! You can also upload your resume to your documents, make it a public resume that can be accessed by hiring employers, and use it to build your profile. If you have questions about Handshake, stop by during our Career Express hours!


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